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Q: Would you ever date your ex again?

Dunno about that. I’d have wild sex one last time though

Tracklisting. Still lots of work to do but we’re close to the end ;) #Eilen #FTRSND #futuresound #slowadvances
Q: Are you alive ? Vive la France !

We’re coming, trust

Q: i love love love your music so much. I've been showing a bunch of my friends and they love it. when are you going to release some new stuff?

Thank you! I’m chuffed you enjoy it and thanks for spreading the word. I’m working on an album right now that’s taking forever to finish. I wish a had a release date for when it will be complete but it seems any date I choose gets pushed back due to me being a picky perfectionist (and life).

But i’m definitely in the zone right now putting together the best album I possibly can. My band and I will be recording all throughout the holidays so the album can be released at the top of the year. It’ll be worth the wait, trust me.

Stay tuned

Q: where are you!?

creating paradise


new blog over here 

Q: When are you releasing Discours de vin?

Hopefully this is what my release schedule will be

Eilen “Passport Blue EP” - Within the next 2 weeks

Eilen “Slow Advances LP” - December 

FTRSND “Wine Talk LP” - February 

If everything works out according to plan and we don’t run into any hiccups, that’s what I’m shooting for.